Royal wedding on a peasant budget

Just about every woman wants her wedding to be a fairytale, with beautiful flowers and gorgeous gowns. But unfortunately most of us don’t have the budgets of royalty. So I feel it is my duty, as a former bride to share with you some tips on stretching dollars.

Lots of greenery

Greenery is typically less expensive than flowers but will make bouquets look so much bigger! I feel it also makes the room look less stuffed and a little more elegant. Best part is it works for any season!


Bridesmaid dresses

Consider getting your bridesmaid dresses at Nordstrom Rack or a similar designer discount store.  You will get beautiful expensive dresses that wont cost you (or your bridesmaids) an arm and a leg. It might take a couple trips to find exactly what you want but I promise it will be worth it!


Yes you’re the one getting married but you still have to do the small “thanks for putting up with bridezilla” gifts. Well you don’t have to but its nice. I recommend something small like a box of chocolates. You’ll probably need multiple so see if you can get something fancy in bulk at a warehouse store like Costco.

Get your family/friends involved 

Everything gets very pricy very quickly so talk to your family and friends. You might be surprised that uncle Joe is a beast on the saxophone and aunt Sue started a catering company. Those “friends and family” discounts will be a great help.